First Meeting Checklist

To help you prepare for the first of many team meetings, we have composed a checklist of documents that you will need.

Market Commentary Podcast/Archives

Many of you may have heard Brandt McDonald on the radio providing expert advice about finances and the stock market. We will soon have podcasts from Brandt about the market as well as helpful financial information.

LPL Research

Invista Advisors partners with LPL Financial to provide nationally leading research to insure we are providing the best options for your wealth management.

Invista Advisors is committed to

  • Earning your trust by embracing the time-tested values of honesty, transparency, caring, compassion, and loyalty.
  • Delivering unsurpassed service in a highly professional manner that places your interests first.
  • Honoring the trust you place in us through an uncompromising, life-long pledge to serve you with integrity and care.

Client Relationship Summary

We value building lifelong relationships with clients. To help you understand more about working with us, we developed a Client Relationship Summary that includes information about your relationship with Invista, the products and services we offer, and ways you can work with your Invista advisor.